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 You know you should build your email list and you know you need to grow it fast. But you don’t want any people to land on your list, you want people who potentially are your tribe. You need to attract people, whose dreams and goals are aligned with yours! How can attract an ideal audience? With opt-in freebies!

Ot-in ideas Kasia Filar


Creating opt-in freebies/ lead magnets is one of the best and effective ways to grow your list and build your audience’s trust. Email address is something personal, you really need to offer something worth sharing that email with you. You wouldn’t give away your email for free, right? So think from your reader’s point of view, what is it that you help them with? What kind of problem you can solve in exchange for their email address?

So before you start creating anything, think about two aspects:

An effective opt-in should include these 3 characteristics:

  1. Does is it solve your audience 1 specific problem?
  2. Is it aligned with your strategy?
  3. Is it quick and simple?

If your answers are positive, you can now focus on choosing the right freebie format for your website. There are many opt-in ideas that you can choose from:


Ebooks are still extremely popular as they can give so much value to the readers! They are also quite easy to consume, the reader is provided with all the information gathered in one place.


Who doesn’t like challenges?! I personally like to challenge myself and sign up for challenges if they can benefit me in any way. Thanks to challenges you can gain new knowledge or create a new habit. It also gives a sense of community among your readers.

Challenges can be effective in any niche: fitness, cooking, business. Examples: how to get organized, how to get rid of sugar, how to be more productive. The possibilities are endless!


You can’t go wrong with printables! They can be related to any niche and content, can also  Planners, calendars, recipes, to-do lists! People really like to make their lives easier, you can help them by creating nice and easy printables.


Checklists are easy to use and provide your audience with valuable information. They can be used in any niche and can be created easily. You can use Pages to create your checklists and cheat sheets and convert them into PDF. You can also use Canva which provides you with ready to use templates.


If you are selling physical or digital products,  providing your audience with a coupon code might be a great idea! It’s quite simple,   your reader gets a discount, and in return, you might get an email address and potential customer. It’s a win-win!


Courses are great if you want to share your knowledge and insights with your audience in a more structured way. My free course ‘How to start an online business’ is fully automated and is sent every day to the user.


Templates are very popular and can help you grow your list quite fast. You make your audience’s life a bit easier by providing them with templates they can use. You can create a template in Canva or InDesign, then you can convert it from PDF to Word.


A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven writing examples. These examples can be anything from headlines to blog post openings, and from sales emails to landing pages. People love to save their time, so help them boost their productivity and creativity and create great swipe files.


Quizzes are great to break the ice with your audience. Laughing and learning at the same time? No problem! Recently quizzes became really popular, so go ahead and create one 🙂

You can create a quiz for free with SurveyMonkey or choose one of many paid platforms.


If you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you should really think about creating videos. For me, it’s easier to watch the walkthrough videos than reading a 5000 words document. Plus, your audience can see you as a real person, it’s easier for you to build trust and authority.


If your business model is coaching/consulting/services offering a free consultation might be a good idea! But be careful, you can end up sitting on the phone all day with no further interest in your services. But it’s still worth considering. For scheduling a live call you can use Calendly.


How to create opt-ins for your email list?

Once you decide, what kind of lead magnet will provide the most value to your audience, it’s time to design it. And it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. There are so many options you can choose from, either free or paid ones. I’m a big fan of Canva because it’s free and very user-friendly, so even if you are just starting out, it will be very easy to use. Canva also offers many templates that you can tweak a little bit and download it. It doesn’t get any easier, right? So let’s get to work!


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