6 Great online work from home ideas for moms

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Do you want to work from home? Coffee, sofa and a warm blanket. Or maybe the beach, sun and deck chair. And just you and a laptop. No boss, no office. It might sound like a dream job, especially for moms. We live in a really global world, so all you need is wifi and a laptop. And the skills you have or you can easily acquire. 


 1. Virtual Assistant

VA is a relatively new occupation.  There are more and more companies who need support,  but cannot afford or are not ready yet to hire a full-time employee. And here comes a virtual assistant who can effectively relieve us in many tasks.

What does the virtual assistant do?

  •  Social media management
  • Conducting e-mail correspondence
  • Calendar management
  • Presentations
  • Customer service
  • Other needed tasks

How to become a virtual assistant?

Very often, your professional experience may be good enough. You can also acquire new skills yourself. However, if you want to feel more confident and get a certificate, an online course may be the right option.

2. Blogging

If you like copywriting, running a blog could be a good idea. If you want to share some skill, knowledge, life experience or just want to provide readers with entertainment, blogging might be a great option. Brainstorm the topics, create a website and start creating great content!

Click here to get a step by step tutorial on how to start a blog in 20 minutes.

Here are the most popular and profitable blog topics:

  • fitness
  • crafts and DIY
  • fashion
  • parenthood
  • personal development
  • cooking
  • saving money

How can you monetize your blog?

This is a great question! There are many ways you can monetize your blog:

  • Advertising banners
  • Sponsored articles
  • Affiliate programs
  • Own products – physical or digital

If you want to succeed, keep creating great content, be patient and consistent. There is no such thing as an overnight success in blogging. It might take a while to build authority and readers’ trust.

3. Freelancing

If you are skilled in the area people are going to pay for, you should think about freelancing. Writing, web design, graphic design, video, photo services. 

Which industries are the most popular?

  • Programming / other IT services
  •  Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Photography

If you have a lot of orders and an established brand, the earnings potential can be really high. These are also competitions and skills that we can learn ourselves. There many educational platforms offering pretty decent courses at very affordable prices. You’re a librarian, but you’re computer graphics? No problem! Nowadays it is not difficult to change a profession.

Where to look for jobs? UpWork, Freelancer, MyMonday

4. Coaching

If you are an expert, coaching/consulting should be a good option for you. You can run online session via Skype, Zoom or phone and help people who need some training or advice. The cost of entry is quite low- all you need is a website.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start making money on your website. You can earn a commission for recommending someone’s else products, either physical or digital. As an affiliate, you simply find a product you think will be beneficial to your target audience, promote that product and earn a piece of the profit from each sale you make. There is always a link provided so it’s easy to track down the sales. It might take a while before you get a sale. You really need to have a good source of the traffic to your website and an audience who trust you and your recommendations.

6. Online Store

All you need is an e-commerce store and an offer of real, physical products or digital ones. There are many options for you to set it up. You can choose a platform like Shopify, you can build it with WordPress or you can get developers to build it for you. So the cost will vary. 




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