SiteGround vs BlueHost For WordPress: Which Should You Choose?

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You know you want to start a blog, but still not sure which hosting platform you should choose? This post is just for you!
Bluehost and Siteground have dominated the internet, you can see their logos everywhere. They are the leaders and competitors in the hosting industry. But do they offer the same things? What are the differences? Which one you should choose? Let’s find out, who host it better: Siteground vs. Bluehost?


If you do your research, you will actually find out that there are three main game players: Siteground, Bluehost, and Hostgator. Hostgator and Bluehost are owned by the same company, so their offer is quite similar. Therefore, today we are going to look at the differences between only these two web hosting companies.


Siteground vs bluehost



What Should You Look For In A Web Host?

It doesn’t really matter if you are a beginner or a pro, there are qualities of the good web host that you should check before purchasing one. The features we are going to look at today: speed and uptime, security, customer support, pricing, space, and extras.


Siteground vs bluehost web hosting


Speed and Uptime

Speed and uptime are the cornerstones of any hosting platform as your website must load fast and always be up. If your website is too slow, people just leave and won‘t come back. Speed determines user satisfaction and it can reflect on your brand. As you can see, Siteground‘s speed is better, but Bluehost one is still fast enough for an average website.

Uptime is exactly the same for both hosting providers.


Whether you have an eCommerce site, personal blog or a business website, security should b your main concern. Bluehost and Siteground take security seriously and have the right security measures in place. Both web hosts provide you with a free SSL certificate (allows secure connections from a web server to a browser) and free daily site backups.

Customer Support

When it comes to hosting providers, customer support is one of the most important aspects you should look at. When you are in business and your websites are down, you can potentially be losing money. It means, every minute counts. And the most frustrating thing you can face is the lack of response from customer support.

Every single hosting provider states that their customer service is the best. So let’s compare SiteGround vs BlueHost customer support.

Siteground is famous for one of the best customer support in the industry. The platform maintains a relatively high number of customer service representatives to ensure that each query is responded to in a timely manner. There is also a database available (videos, tutorials, and documents).

How can you contact Siteground customer support?

You can call them directly, use the live chat or obtain a support ticket. Live chats and phones are in real-time while waiting for a ticket is an average to 10 minutes.

Bluehost customer support department has a wide range of experts to help you fix the problem. This ensures the tickets are approached by the right people in a timely manner. Bluehost They also have a comprehensive knowledgebase relevant articles and tutorials and an active members’ forum.

How can you contact Bluehost customer support?

Just like Siteground, you can get customer support through phone, live chat, or via email. Again, phone calls and chats are responded immediately, but there is no information provided what’s the waiting time for the tickets.


Siteground vs Bluehost Pricing

The prices shown above are an initial offer from both companies. Please check what are the regular prices after the first year of your contract. 

Below is a table showing you the normal prices of the respective hosting platforms:



 BlueHost pricing


Now look at the side to side comparison of the plans and pricing:

SiteGround and BlueHost pricing


As you can see, Siteground is more expensive, but you get more features on every plan. So basically, you pay more for more, and with Bluehost, you get less for less. So you really need to think about what’s the best option for you. If you are just starting out, BlueHost might be right for you. But if you want the best features from the very beginning, consider trying out Siteground.


Bluehost offers free services like a free domain (worth $15) and on top of that you get $200 to spend towards Facebook and Google ads, so you can build your online presence from the very beginning.

On the other hand, Siteground offers a CDN service worth $19.95/ month for free. CDN is a Content Delivery Network, which helps to load your content faster, wherever your audience is based.



Siteground vs Bluehost, who is the winner? I hope now you know which host provider you should choose. There is no right or wrong, both web hosts are well known, established companies with millions of customers. But if you are just starting out, and have a limited budget, consider choosing a Bluehost. You really get a lot with their plans, so it‘s value for money. But if your budget is more flexible, go for Siteground, and get more for more!

Either way, your website will be in good hands 🙂

If you choose Bluehost, I prepared for you a step by step tutorial on how to start a WordPress website in 20 minutes!

Don’t wait, click HERE and start your online adventure!

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